Alonso Sierralta

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work has always been an investigation of difference. I enjoy creating work that emphasizes the contrast between materials, techniques, and origins. At first these were more superficial comparisons, strictly visual. As the work has progressed, I find that a deeper meaning has emerged. This play with contrast is deeply seated in my feelings of both connection and displacement in my two cultures (Chile and the US). I have a foot in each but am not completely rooted in either.

During the last few years, I have begun to incorporate elements directly inspired by memories and associations related to home and my experience as an immigrant. Although still combining materials and techniques that are at odds, there are other symbolic and metaphorical elements that are narrative in nature. Boats, maps, funiculars, and other wayfinding objects feature prominently in my newer work. The work, like life, is a journey.


Artist Bio: My family and I emigrated from Chile and we settled in NE. After getting my MFA in sculpture from the University of Nebraska, I moved to Minneapolis to work and teach. I admire and study different artists for different reasons: I love Richard Deacon's use of industrial materials and his attention to detail. I find Ursula Von Rydingsvard's cedar sculptures gorgeous with thoughtful ambiguity. Martin Puryear's use of African American history and personal experience (making baskets while at the peace corps and building boats in Scandinavia) inform his thought-provoking work.

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