Visual Arts

Bringing together Artists and the community.
For important conversations.
About Indigenous Sovereignty.
And Environmental justice.

The visual arts figured prominently in our inaugural SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY in 2020 - and it is the central focus in our 2021 edition of the festival again.  Visual art is the universal language that connects all humanity no matter what color, race or origin.  It is an essential part of every culture.  It can serve as a common ground for better cross-cultural understanding, for building new connections, and for establishing a genuine sense of solidarity.

Venture Out, Explore and Meet ALL the Artists:

Outdoor Sculpture Installation

A 10 foot rotating sculpture. Music and spoken word. Together, they seek to to represent humanity’s connection with the universe.  They challenge internalized barriers - and push for justice for all.



A fabulous showcase of selected works by renowned and emerging Native artists.  Traditional Native arts. Contemporary interpretations of Native identity.  Assembled by Native voices.

Juried Street gallery exhibitS

A wonderful range of artist voices on the topics of Indigenous Sovereignty and Environmental Equity.  Showcased at 25 different storefront sites.  Viewable from the sidewalk.

Art in the Hollow
Art Fair

The traditional art fair on the East Side, in Swede Hollow Park,  Taking place this year on Saturday, September 25, as part of "Solidarity Weekend."  Reachable via a free circulating van

Outdoor Sculpture Installation


Curated Gallery Exhibition

Our partners at Oyate Hotanin have been collaborating with a number of Native Artists, many from the Twin Cities or greater Minnesota, to curate a compelling gallery-style exhibit of original works.  Additional Native artists came to the exhibit fomr the Public Call for Artwork and East Side Arts Council.  The exhibit aims to educate about the history of Native people in our city, state and country; illuminate how that history, together with Native traditions, is shaping the experience and identity of Native people in our current society; and share ambitions and dreams for a new era of understanding, healing and change.  


Juried Street Gallery Exhibits

Art in the Hollow
The premier Art Fair on the East Side since 2010.
In splendid, historical Swede Hollow Park.
This year part of Solidarity Weekend.

On Saturday, Sept 25, 10 AM - 5 PM.