Visual Arts
Bringing together Artists and the community.
For important conversations.
About Indigenous Sovereignty.
AND Environmental justice.

"Custer Ledger," "Peltier Ledger," and "Boarding School Ledger," Quinton Maldonado  

The visual arts figured prominently in our inaugural SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY in 2020 - and it will be the central focus in our 2021 edition of the festival again.  Visual art is the universal language that connects all humanity no matter what color, race or origin.  It is an essential part of every culture.  It can serve as a common ground for better cross-cultural understanding, for building new connections, and for establishing a genuine sense of solidarity.

Like in 2020, SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY 2021 will feature street-side exhibits in storefront windows and gallery spaces, viewable from the sidewalk.  In a major addition, it will include gallery-style exhibits in indoor spaces, assembled and curated by Native voices.  It will also showcase a major street-side art installation by a prominent Native artist and East-Side resident, Al Gross.  Last but not least, Art in the Hollow, the longest-running art festival on the East Side, will be held on the same weekend.

Street art installation

A 10 foot rotating sculpture. Music and spoken word. Together, they seek to to represent humanity’s connection with the universe.  They challenge internalized barriers - and push for justice for all.



A showcase of selected works by renowned and emerging Native artists, covering the gamut from traditional arts + crafts to contemporary interpretations of Native identity.  Not to be missed!


We are eager to receive your submissions, focused on justice, equity, solidarity, Native lands + sites, and a 'Just Transition' to a sustainable future.

The deadline is August 9.

Art in the Hollow

For 2021, we are teaming up with this traditional art fair in the Swede Hollow Park, held on Saturday, September 25.  Submissions are being accepted through...

Both the Solidarity Street Gallery exhibit and Art in the Hollow art fair are open and accessible to all artists, well established or looking to exhibit for the first time. 

Artists interested in exhibiting their work

are encouraged to Consider either or both options:

Store-Front Display | September 23 - 25

Swede Hollow Park | September 25 Only