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Art from the inside
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ABOUT art from the inside:  'Art From the Inside' creates the opportunity for incarcerated artists to have a visual voice through engaging, community-centered exhibitions of their art.  Our vision is to empower incarcerated artists to experience personal transformation and restoration.  We believe art provides the space to imagine new ways of being and to recognize our personal and collective power to change.  The hope for the project is to connect us to our shared humanity, to examine the effects of the criminal justice system, and to inspire actions that support racial and economic justice.   As incarcerated artist C. B. puts it, “By giving the incarcerated artists a platform, we encourage redemption narratives and a public belief in second chances.”  Our theme for the artists this year is TRANSFORMATION.

We represent incarcerated artists at MCF-Shakopee (women's state facility) and MCF-Stillwater (men's state prison).

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