art in the hollow
The premier Art Fair on the East Side since 2010.
in splendid, historical swede hollow park.
now part of solidarity weekend.
ONLY On Saturday, Sept 25.

Art in the Hollow is the East Side’s longest running art festival, held in Swede Hollow Park of St. Paul, a mostly hidden but splendid setting full of nature, beauty, and history. Art in the Hollow shares this home with important Indigenous People's history, many immigration stories, annual bird migration patterns, Phalen Creek, and pedestrian and walking trails that connect Lowertown St. Paul with the greater East Side and beyond. 


Established in 2010 by members of Friends of Swede Hollow, Art in the Hollow seeks to bring cultural and community engagement to the East Side and its neighborhoods surrounding Swede Hollow Park. Community members will find all manner of art accessible for families and enthusiasts. Artists will appreciate a welcoming environment that embraces a diversity of formats, styles and experiences, as established artists share the setting with newcomers to the art world. Art in the Hollow does not charge application fees and maintains low booth fees.  It is a festival that puts artists and community first.


Traditionally held on the first weekend in June, this year Art in the Hollow will join with other East Side organizations to be part of Solidarity Weekend (September 23-25), giving visitors a chance to experience Solidarity Street Gallery along Payne Ave and all its festivities at the same time. Just as community members are encouraged to experience both the Solidarity Street Gallery and Art in the Hollow, artists are encouraged to take part in both.