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Casey Murano

ARTIST STATEMENT: In the past year, painting at the river became a pilgrimage practice connecting me with social and physical landscapes of my watershed. When observing water flow between rocks, and structures that both bridge and disrupt, I cultivate a mindset of right relationships and care for creation that promotes environmental justice. “A Land Full of Stories” supports the Concerned Citizens of Charles City County as they work towards a just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. A high concentration of pipelines, landfills, and power plants threaten the wellbeing of this historically Black and Indigenous community. I just moved to the Twin Cities, but plein air painting will help me participate in this watershed as a respectful pilgrim: one who engages with both joys and challenges, opportunities for growth that come from being in community, and one who acts as an ally in dismantling the legacies of colonialism and dominion that pilgrims carry.


Artist Bio: Casey Murano grew up in Virginia and graduated from University of Richmond where she studied art and geography. Her work explores practices of pilgrimage and relationship to place. She works across disciplines in oil, watercolor, recycled paper pulp, ballpoint pen, and collage, breaking down and building up forms, retracing and dissolving shapes that often reference water, rocks, and topographic maps. She currently lives in the Twin Cities, where she is doing a year of service with the St. Joseph Worker Program.


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