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Ceballos_A Tigers Landing.jpg


Artist Statement:  The 2 tigers are landing that symbolizes the personal strength and attributes while finding themselves into 2 worlds of transformation with one unified purpose. Showing courage and determination in adapting to the dominant racial and cultural conditions of where they are about to land.  As an artist, rooted from Southeast Asia, the painting relates to my personal experiences in USA. It expresses as me as a victim and victor with the racial and cultural interactions.  And yet provides richness to the dominant culture. This painting connects to the viewer with a message of being whimsical with a bit of tension in overcoming fears and able to overcome obstacles in a manageable way.  The houses are turned upside down, to tell my experiences of resiliency to circumstances in my daily acceptance and flexibility. The shore is symbolic to calmness and safe landing away from the turmoil or problems encountered. A solution, acceptance, and contentment. South Asian culture is influenced by Chinese culture. 2022 is the year of the Tiger!


Artist Bio:  Cesar Ceballos, a respected architect, artist, and world traveler uses colors to express the geometry of nature; light to enhance the volume and drama in a painting. Culture, tradition, and history plays an important influence in his artworks. In 2021, Cesar’s work was awarded first prize for his painting in Rome, Italy. His artistic roots grew out of his origin in the Philippines. In addition, his paintings were exhibited and published world-wide including Berlin, Germany; Rome, Italy; London, UK; Milan, Italy; Warsaw, Poland; Seoul, S Korea, Tibilisi, Georgia; Ljubljana, Slovakia, and Canada.  In the USA, Cesar’s art works were exhibited in New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Orleans, Washington, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada.  To see some of his works, please go to YouTube and type in Cesar Ceballos, artist.

Cesar Caballo's work will be on display at Checks R Us:

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