Community Activities

Our Festival is an invitation to All.
To partake.  To Connect.
AND to have fun!

Images from Solidarity Street Gallery 2020

Our aim is to create a festival that has something to offer for the entire family.  Speaks to everyone, young or older.  Brings together our entire neighborhood in a genuine spirit of solidarity.

Below is a high-level preview of all the activities you can pursue and enjoy. 

Please return to our website closer to the event for more complete details.

Harvest Festival Parade
September 25

This parade with longstanding tradition along Payne Avenue will be part of SOLIDARITY WEEKEND in 2021.  More details to be announced in July.

Activities for all ages

Stroll up and down Payne Avenue, check out the different exhibit sites, find the visual art pieces that appeal the most to you, and chat with the artists who created them.  Grab a brush yourself and paint a piece of community mural or wall art.  Or have a seat, listen to some cool music, or watch your favorite performers. 

Fun Things to do for Children

Children will be able enjoy puppet theater, story telling, Children's art activities, and much more...  A more detailed program will be posted closer to the event.

Delicious Foods

You will be able taste a wide range of foods, served by popular food trucks as well as the amazing local restaurants along Payne Avenue.  Some will feature unique dishes prepared by Native chefs.  We will post a complete listing of all the culinary choices in time for the event

Youth Can Play Too

Youth will have opportunities to attend clinics in Native Lacrosse, soccer, and more.  And enjoy music programming geared for the 14-24 year old crowd.  Check back later for complete details.

Shop Til YoU DROP

For those who cannot survive a day without shopping, we'll have street-side market place waiting where vendors will offer arts and crafts, many of the Native. Of course, our most diverse collection of local retail stores will be open for business as well.