SITE #21

Second Shift Studio Space

of St. Paul

1128 Payne Avenue

St. Paul, MN

Second Shift offers free, year-long studio residencies to four artists who identify as women or non-binary. The goal is to create a program that can have an extended, measurable impact on an artist’s work and career, and create a more engaged and engaging arts community in the process. It is a reimagining of a residency as something more – as a family, a collective, a supportive space to house risk and rigor.

Second Shift is an artist-led effort to provide better resources to working artists and build communities of arts appreciators. At the core of Second Shift’s philosophy is the belief that what artists need more than anything else is the time, space, and energy to develop their practice, outside of the constraints of financial influence. Second Shift operates under the belief that helping one artist can help an entire community. When artists are provided the resources they need to fully engage their practice, the produce more relevant and challenging work, art that has the capacity to promote conversation, generosity, and engagement with the world around it.

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