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East Side Arts Council

977 Payne Avenue

St. Paul, MN

(651) 774-5422

Collaborate with our community and artists to celebrate and experience the arts.


The East Side Arts Council is a community arts organization offering accessible, low cost, or free arts programs led by accomplished professional artists.  It celebrates the diversity of its neighborhood and builds appreciation of the arts. 

"The East Side Arts Council is a great outlet for artists. They have wonderful resources for people in the Saint Paul area and provide excellent opportunities for all ages to express themselves through artistic expression. They have provided me personally with multiple opportunities to display my art. As a local artist myself, their help getting my work on the market has been motivating. In times like these, art is some if the first budgeting to go. It is wonderful to have the ESAC to make sure that it is still appreciated and encouraged."
— Local Artist


Artists at this Site

we belong together

October 1  |  5 - 9 PM

October 2  |  5 - 9 PM

October 3  |  1 - 10 PM.

c/o 967 Payne Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55130


A new, one-of-a-kind street-side arts festival,
centered around justice, equity and solidarity.

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