Suyao Tian

St. Paul, MN

Watercolor + Ink Pen  |  11 X 17 inches

Artist Statement

I am a one-child-only generation of China-born in the 80s. Growing up, I hadn’t any siblings or pets. As a child, I often caught all kinds of small bugs, put them in jars. I spoke to them, played with them, and they were the only listeners in my childhood. Now I put them into my creations. My creative process is to extract the fragments of memory and separate, reorganize and integrate them. I use abstraction to catch a moment, feeling, and unclear form when they appear in my mind. I use bright colors to celebrate my freedom! 

Artist Bio

I am living and working in the twin cities as an artist, designer and independent curator. I graduated in 2017 MFA with honors from MCAD. Painting is my own language to connect to the world and my way to find and connect the similarities in our soul that we all share. 

tongue in cheel.jpg