Thomas Burke

St. Paul, MN

Image Descriptions


Image 1:  S'élever au-dessus - acte deux

(Rising above it - Act two)

This piece represents the triumph of hope over fear, light over darkness, and life over death


Image 2:  Le meurtre de l’espoir

(The murder of hope)

This work illustrates the despair of the people in the face of the failure of government institutions.


Image 3:  L'incendie du troisième quartier

(The torching of the third precinct)

This artifact reflects the rage felt by the people that participated in the torching of the third precinct.


Image 4:  Nuances de Da Da

This Da Da inspired image offers sublime hints of John C. Calhoun and silhouettes of the Parable of the Sower from the Gospels.