Morgan Hiscocks

Minneapolis, MN

Letterpress Prints  |  11 X 17 inches

Artist Statement


Historically, the printing press is meant to elevate voices; the printing press is freedom protected by the First Amendment. Upon the murder of George Floyd, amidst a global pandemic, it felt that the best thing to do was react through my press. Being a letterpress printer, I wanted to make something that could be as loud or as quiet as the person holding/hanging it would prefer it to be. Because I am a white woman, I felt strongly about staying in my lane and only speaking on behalf of myself and other white allies. I set out to create something for those who are not ready to step out of their comfort zones by taking to the streets but wish to communicate their support for equality. It is my only hope that these prints provide some sense of solidarity for every set of eyes who view them.

Artist Comments

These prints are 2 sided, I have many of them.


These prints have been given away to protestors, shipped to over 15 states, and sold to those who wish to give a donation in return. I have been able to donate $2000 to North MPLS since beginning to print them in June. I have distributed nearly 1300 of them.

I intend to install them unframed, with clips, so that they can be taken by those who wish to display them. I do want to ask for donations, because I too am a broke printmaker, but that is absolutely secondary to the message that the work communicates.