Shakuntala Maheshwari

Orono, MN

Paintings + Photograph

Artist Statement


We are born with our own identity. We all should be able to be proud and comfortable with our color, our background, our gender - and even our customs, religions - without enforcing our beliefs on others. This allows for respect and solidarity in a community. Discrimination exists in all countries, in all communities; only by raising our voice can we bring it to the surface, stand against it, and take appropriate action. 

Artist Comments

I create art that reflects my experiences without being bound to particular mediums; my art reflects my passion to create in the moment. I am a photographer, a graphic designer, a folk artist, a painter, and a textile artist of color.

My experience as an artist grows as I continue my journey in the art world.  At the same time, I remain in touch with my own ethnic background, so I am constantly finding ways to bridge the gap between old and new, modern and ancient, and trying to connect this timeline for coming generations of art.

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