Renee Steward

St. Paul, MN


Artist Statement


This piece, entitled “503: Service Unavailable” is made up of 503 masks made of a variety of experiments including paper mache and plaster. The idea is to show that to find freedom, you must take responsibility for yourself and do the work necessary to move forward. And that process is not always pretty. In essence, it’s all the versions of herself that she went through and is still going through to ultimately be herself, to be free, and to be of service.

This piece is really special to me. I worked on it for the last year and am really excited to share it with people. The masks and the word “free” are weirdly relevant right now although it was not my intention. Thanks so much for your consideration!

Renee Steward is a self-taught artist, originally from St. Louis, MO. She turned to art to find herself and to express emotions that had been holding her back throughout her life.

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