L'Andrae' Bradley

West St. Paul, MN

Paintings  |  36 X 36 inches and 18 X 24 inches

Artist Statement


In May 2020, I watched the recording so many others had to sadly witness. The untimely murder of George Floyd left me speechless, but my emotions felt as if they were about to hit a very dark abyss.

I personally felt I had to channel this energy into my paintings somehow – this chaotic and unknown presence that allowed me to express a form of protest against an American System that has suppressed so many black people for entirely too long.

I must admit that this artistic expression that I apply on canvas is bittersweet for me. Simultaneously if, as an African American, I have to face the daily obstacles of a non-stop racist system, then I personally feel I need to proactively create to assist in dismantling this toxic system that never sleeps.