Kelly Anderson

Lakeville, MN

Screen Print  |  18 X 24 inches

Artist Statement


Kelly Anderson is a Minnesota based artist working in many different mediums.  She strives to be inclusive in her work, her collaborations and her education.  


Recently she traveled to Narobi, Kenya where she worked with some international artists and then on to Mombasa where she worked with a secondary school teaching them how to draw with melted crayons.  This experience was the launch pad to her iniatives here locally.  She facilitated a program called Kelly Anderson Projects that allows her to create unique and one of a kind Art installations.  These have ranged from chalk drawings, to pianos, other statues, and even board art.  In the near future it will include her newest project “we are not extinct”.  Dino statues will be placed around town celebrating small and local businesses with artists.  It will include artist designed dino statues and who knows what else as the project evolves.


Kelly started her full time art career as an emotion based artist to show expression and share.  She realized that many of us all struggle with day to day feelings and most of all we struggle with how to express ourselves.  Her artwork process was greatly accepted by many organizations and implemented with multiple  community groups around engagement.  Kelly hopes to continue making an impact on other people’s lives through her art.