Faith Purvey

St. Paul, MN

Performance Art - Kiosk  |  Public Participation

Project Statement


"Human Interactions 5 Cents" is an ongoing series of performances in public venues which frame the basic elements of in-person conversation. In this project, which is inspired by Lucy’s ‘Psychicatric Evaluations 5 cents’ booth from Charlie Brown, participants choose conversation prompts from a printed menu and converse with the artist through a window. In order to focus the conversation fully on the in-person exchange, interactions may not be documented and posted to social media. For Solidarity Street Gallery, topics may reflect the time we find ourselves in, locally, regionally, and in the world. 

Artist Bio

Faith Purvey is a multidisciplinary artist and educator whose public work invites a human encounter with diverse and often overlooked landscapes. Her site-responsive practice often occurs through organized partnerships with civic entities, youth, and arts institutions. Her portable, materials-driven process incorporates installation, sculpture, painting, photography, and performance. Whether in desolate urban infrastructure, park spaces, or wilderness, she works with mobilizing themes of journeying and home while transposing distant histories with potential futures through dialogue and material. Newly based in her hometown of St. Paul, MN, Faith has lived and maintains practices in Los Angeles, CA and New Mexico.