Jeff Hankinson

Eden Parie, MN

Paintings  |  18 X 24  and  36 X 48

Artist Statement


As a former classical dancer, movement plays a large role in my paintings along with color, texture, and light.  As an abstract artist I always try to let myself be amazed! Most times, this results in inspiration.  Art is nothing if it is not seen and appreciated.


Every day is inspiration.  SINCE 2017 I have been working on my "BLACK" series of 18x24 framed works on paper.  The work black is used in such a negative, derogatory way.  In an effort to de-stigmatize paint the word with colorful hues for a whimsical feel but each piece has a splash of red color to symbolize centuries of persecution and shed blood.  The 36X48 canvas called "Weight of the World"  is a homage to all black women but especially black mothers.

Recent Career Highlights

  • Featured Artist, UBS Plaza’s Art Exhibition Program, February 2017 to May 2017

  • Featured Artist, “Fire & Ice“Art Show, AZ Gallery, St. Paul, Jan - Feb 2017

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