Chloe Rizzo

St. Paul, MN

Fused Glass  |  8 inches Diameter

Artist Statement


We have an intrinsic desire to develop and communicate our ideas about personal identity through the lens of our experience.   I am interested in the language we create without words, and how our inner dialog might look if given the power of visibility.  My artwork is an exploration of personal and collective identity through the physical object.

My most recent completed body of work in glass and clay was an exploration into different combinations of fragile materials and fabrication techniques to capture the illusive qualities of light using veiled figures.  I have always been fascinated by the relationships people have with textiles, how clothing is collected, touched, coveted, and used to create bodily identity.  Veils are used and worn for many different and sometimes contradictory reasons, to conceal, to symbolize, or to tell a story without words. While a veil is an object, it is also an act shrouded in mystery, controversy, and intrigue.  I am interested in its ability to coexist as a symbol of strength, submission, and subversion.

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