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Dan TRan
Paintings | Textured Acrylic

ARTIST STATEMENT: I paint to protest the damages we inflict upon ourselves (climate crisis, social injustice, armed conflicts, ...) and to celebrate what remains good in us (love, friendship, community, innovation,...) I believe my subjects resonate within the context of Indigenous Sovereignty and Environmental Justice.


Artist Bio: Tran was born in Vietnam. He is a self-taught artist.  2009 - 2014, he painted the series Myths, depicting today’s socio-political realities in his home country. In 2013 the series Myths was shown at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Hanoi, Vietnam. Some works were deemed subversive by the Vietnamese government, and banned.  He followed with "Socrates' Echoes, a series of abstract painting questioning our rationality.  In 2020, he painted the series Lost, visioning the world in the eyes of a child, offering a fresh look at the damages we inflict upon ourselves and what remains good in us.

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