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Debanjana Chatterjee
Mixed media - Lithographs

Artist Statement:  In this mixed media illustration through self-photography, digital sketch, and lithographic print, I am depicting the dilemmas of a woman in different layers of the society. Just like the paradoxical effects of urbanization in the twenty-first century makes the cities fragile, I am showing the struggle of a woman to secure its apt place in the society, using my own portraiture. The intention is to emphasize the contrasting and complicated nature of our society as the houses are crammed together in a chaotic jumble and grow up on my head as if they are the part of my skin, which ironically portrays a hat to conceal our genuine emotions. This is also a manifestation of our social relations with the city as well as our honest desire to thrive ignoring all the barriers.


Artist Bio:  I am an architectural designer, urban planner, and freelance designer. I currently serve as a Designer at Leo A Daly. I am a creative soul with varying interests from painting, graphic design to photography. Coming from a diverse country like India, I am interested to work on diversity, gender, equity and environmental issues in the design and architecture field. I started freelancing as a designer from 2016 with the name of Ardour Art. To me, art is an emotion and my passion for expressing my emotion through my creative work - be it a sketch or a research proposal - keeps me going every day.

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