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Artist Statement:  The paper collages on exhibit express personal experiences of leaving behind native India for a new life in Singapore is shown. In each work, the struggle of adapting to new surroundings and starting afresh is portrayed.  The works are developed in series and narrate personal accounts of survival.  Emotionally caught between two nations - one where living conditions are tough but is familiar and the other a prosperous nation with promising future but induces fear shown in the works by ferociousness of the dragon. In the works skin layer connects the two geographically separate nations. The series began when I fortuitously found a worn-out metal cover with shapes resembling maps of India and Singapore from rust. Inspired by the imprints, I began making notations of my experiences directly on print of metal cover. In the works nations are shown by their maps and the idea of resilience is implied across all the works. In the work titled No. 4, migrants shaped as tiny map of India and are shown crossing its borders and immersing into the culture of Singapore while maintaining their Indian identity by upholding traditions and customs. In No. 5, the newcomers are shown in union with their new surrounding implying fitting in. And in No. 6, new life has begun despite living in fear of being chased out signified in the work by the spattering dragon. These collages tell a personal story of migration and survival relatable to many in today’s globalized world.. 


Artist Bio:  Deepa Mahajan is a New York based artist who in her work uses personal narrative to depict experiences from every day. She has shown at venues such as Multicultural Heritage Centre, Canada(2022); Root Division, California(2022); Artworks(2022), Oriental, NC; Hilliard Gallery(2021), MO; Dayton Society of Artists(2019); El Sotano, Brooklyn(2018, 2019); Todd Gallery, TN(2018); Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago(2016); Indigo Blue, Singapore(2012, 2013); Chemould, Mumbai(2011); Tao, Mumbai(2012, 2009); Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy(2011); AsianArtOptions, Singapore(2008); Harmony, Mumbai(2007); Kitab Mahal, Mumbai(2007); Alliance Française, Singapore(2003). She is the recipient of Sovereign Asian Art Prize in 2010 and received merit grant at Vermont residency in 2020. Her project was selected for biennale of Santorini in Greece in 2012. Her work has been reviewed by Free Press Journal, Hindustan Times, SPH Publications. She holds degree in Sciences and began her art career in early 2000s.

Deepa Mahajan's work will be on display at 'Tongue-in-Cheek':

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