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Artist Statement:  The subject matter of my pieces touches on Hmong women/culture and inspiration from Hmong traditional clothing/color schemes. What inspired me with the piece entitled: Green, is myself and being a Green Hmong, speaking the green dialect. The piece also symbolizes the generation of Hmong women today and of the past. The subject emerges from a green forest (hmong women of the past...our mothers/grandmothers born in Laos) but with a modern face (the women of today). I wanted to showcase the different generations melding together through time, unfazed, strong and in beauty and fashion. My second piece is entitled Homage. The Hmong generation of today has different morals and characteristics. And they begin to push boundaries and break the mold. In Homage, if you look closely the subject wears Hmong inspired earrings. Her husband is Hmong. I hope the viewer will walk away moved or feeling connected to my work.

Artist Bio:  I am a self-taught artist and fairly new. Hmong culture influences my work. I have shared my work only on facebook and Instagram.

Enny Vu's work will be on display at St. Paul Floral:

To learn more about Enny Vu's work, go to:

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