Environmental Stewardship
According to Anishinaabe prophecies,
we have a choice between a well-worn, scorched path
and one that is green and unworn.
If we choose the green path, the 8th fire will be lit,
and a better future will be formed.

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Native Lands + Sacred Sites

An invitation to learn more about the Native lands and its people on the Eastside of St. Paul

Just Transition


An exhibit on environmental stewardship that engages, educates and inspires the entire family



Our efforts minimize trash from our event - and recycle where possible

Just Transition Eco-Park


Our Eco Park exhibit is intended to engage, educate and inspire our community to spur action toward a ‘Just Transition’ to responsible environmental stewardship and ecologically sustainable economies that are essential to the livelihood and prosperity of our Native people and tribes – and our society, country and world at large.  Discovering common ground and shared ambitions towards creating a sustainable future for all represents a unique opportunity towards building strong communities, which is one of the goals of our event.


Native voices will take the lead in creating an exciting place and energizing environment that engages visitors in constructive conversations about the fragility of life on earth and the impact we humans have; helps them see the intersections of a healthy environment, climate, energy, and Native culture; educates them about Native traditions and modern approaches to respect, protect and preserve our planet; and inspires them to identify and commit to concrete changes in their personal life or business that will make a lasting impact towards a sustainable future.


An outdoor, trade-fair-like arrangement of 15-25 exhibit booths or tents in a family friendly setting, bringing together entrepreneurs, non-profits, educational institutions, activists and neighborhood communities. Each will present an indigenous perspective, best practice, viable technology solution, or constructive legislative proposal towards a more sustainable future.  Exhibit topics range from Native lands, sacred sites, and historical & ecological land preservation to water quality & resources, sustainable agriculture, organic gardens, renewable energy sources, and energy efficient buildings.

More details to follow once we finalize exhibitors and plans.

If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to us!