Call for Artwork

The SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY is accepting submissions of visual art in a wide range of formats, now through September 7, 2020.  All artists, be they well-established or up-and-coming, are welcome to submit work to be included in this unique street-side exhibit.  BIPOC artists are especially encouraged to participate.  There is no registration fee.  Some limited stipends can be made available upon request, to help artists offset materials cost they may incur.

Artists who have work accepted in the exhibit will be able to sell their pieces through a virtual gallery set up by the organizers free of any commission fees.  10% of the sales proceeds will go towards a fundraiser supporting emerging artists of color on the East Side (exact cause to be announced before the event).  The remaining 90% will go directly to the artists, to help generate some extra income in these challenging times.

Artwork Categories

We are exited to display visual artworks in a broad range of media and formats.  We would like to encourage your own unique and bold ideas for how to turn visual art into a compelling outdoor experience for the entire community.  We would be glad to work with you in creating a truly distinctive art installation and finding a suitable exhibit site and host for you.

a   flat, framable art

paintings, drawings, illustrations, photographs or other forms of 2-dimensional art

b   sculptures

from small table-top works to larger-than-life-size outdoor installations

c   art objects

handcrafted artifacts that represent the rich history and cultural diversity of our East Side neighborhoods

d   motion picture shorts

video / film shorts (3 - 5 min) that can be enjoyed from the outside on a flat-screen display set up inside a store-front window

e   outdoor sidewalk art

2-dimensional paintings or 3-dimensinal objects suitable for display on the sidewalk in front of buildings (the organizers can make available 2X4 ft primed particle board on rigid or foldable stands)

f   outdoor wall art

paintings on particle boards, vinyl film, or textile fabrics suitable for mounting on outside building walls or boarded up buildings (the organizers can make available 4X8 ft primed particle board)

Artwork Selection Criteria

Our call for artists is public and inclusive.  All are welcome and encouraged to apply.  We will make every effort to include the work of as many artists as will be realistically feasible, within the constraints of curating an exhibit that is manageable in size, maintains a solid artistic standard, and assembles into an compelling story overall, built on the themes of solidarity, justice and equity.  As needed, the Organizing Committee will engage the Artistic Advisory Board in making the final selection of artworks included in the exhibit, employing the selection criteria below.

Artist are encouraged to take the selection criteria into account as they choose which pieces to submit.

1   unique and important voice

artwork relates to the broad range of experiences in our diverse community

2   relevance to ‘solidarity’

artwork resonates with the themses of solidarity, justice or equity

3   constructive contribution

artwork encourages and facilitates cross-cultural conversations, learning, and mutual understanding

4   artistic quality

artwork leverages the medium chosen in a skillful way to covey an idea or emotion

5   suitability for public display

artwork adds to the visual appeal of the district and is suitable for all ages