Payne Avenue Series-04030.jpg

Exhibit Sites

We will exhibit art in a wide range of venues,

including galleries, business store-fronts,

and future store locations,

many owned by persons of color.


We will make the art viewable and accessible to all,

from the street side. 

Our SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY will encompass 15-20 exhibit sites along Payne Avenue, between Phalen Boulevard and Maryland Avenue.  Together, they will showcase a coordinated, curated series of art installations that can be viewed from the outside and enjoyed by all, strolling the sidewalks with appropriate social distancing compliant with COVID-19 guidelines.  The installations will be in gallery spaces with street-side windows, inside or on the outside of commercial storefront windows, on boarded-up buildings, on outside walls, on the sidewalk, in the form of 3D sculptures, or whatever other creative forms of visual display participating artists will devise.

Below is a preliminary listing of our exhibit sites.  We are in process of identifying additional sites, and will add them as they join our event.

We have lined up an unique and exciting set of exhibit venues but are still open to proposals for additional sites.  If you are interested in offering a building storefront, an outdoor wall, a parking lot or any other suitable spot for an art installation, please contact us and we'll be glad to work with you, and one or several of the participating artists, and turn it into an amazing exhibit.  By participating,  you'll enhance the visibility of your individual business and the entire district, and thereby contribute to renewed business vitality and arts vibrancy on Payne.