Wilkins_Gregory_Color of Water -Minnesota Boundary Waters are on Fire, 9x9, mixed media, 2

Gregory Wilkins
Mixed Media | Fiber

ARTIST STATEMENT: The act of sewing is stitched throughout my work. Historically, embroidery has been labeled as “women’s work”. As a gay man, I encourage the viewer to question privilege, what is “valued” work and how does it fit in a global context? Water is life. Women create life. And yet, we devalue water and women. They are the core to humanity's existence.

Color of Water honors the natural way water cleanses itself as it moves from the ground, lakes, oceans, plants, and sky. As it travels underground, it is filtered by natural ecosystems. My pieces move via brush stroke and stitch work, like water moves through the elements. It is layered, like watersheds are layered with earth, roots, rocks, etc. It is vibrant and active, like water that moves through the earth and dances through its filtration process.
We are water. Our destinations are intertwined. 


Artist Bio: Raised in a multi-ethnic, multinational family, I was faced with adversity that shaped my development, social activism, and education. As an artist and educator whose mixed media and fiber pieces integrate hand and machine constructed processes, I  encourage viewers to reflect on the environment and social justice while encouraging people to think about their own privilege and how they might affect change.

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