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Artist Statement:  Documentary photography is the attempt to capture real-life situations and setting. It has powerful narration and strong visual impact. The role of the documentary photographer is to extract important moments and to present them as a link between human being and world. Documentary photography has strong ability to communicate with people all over the world, to translate the events into international, visual language.

Artist Bio:  Grzegorz is a documentary photographer with extensive experience and expertise in visual storytelling and environmental portraits. His particular interests are the projects involving people and the socio-cultural context. Grzegorz is an academic teacher at the University of Technology in Katowice, Poland. Grzegorz is the author of two textbooks on travel photography. He ran about 50 photography courses in Poland and in Germany.  Grzegorz has exhibited his work in Poland (Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw), Germany and the United States (St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago). His exhibition in Warsaw was opened personally by the President of Poland. He was awarded by BZWBK Press Foto in the category “Daily Life” and by the President of Poland in 2015.

Grzegorz Litynski's work will be on display at East Side Freedom Library:

To learn more about Grzegorz Litynski's work, go to:

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