Hinhan Loud Hawk
Graphics and Photographs

Artist Statement:  I've recently connected with my native and black family from Leech Lake, MN and am a new member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. As I'm learning about my native culture and all the beauty and trauma that comes with it, I'm very drawn to using art to feel even more connected. I would love to use my art to help highlight and benefit the many different needs for Native or Indigenous people. I've used my art to help bring awareness to my community of friends and family about some of the truths of the Native people and how they are still healing and fighting for the environment and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, but on a pretty small scale. As a newcomer to art and to my culture I have a lot to learn but am hopeful that art and culture will help me grow as a person and to help others too. I also like using art as a way to help heal. It helps me heal and my portraits of people's love ones helps them heal too.

Artist Bio:  New Artist looking to use art to learn, grow, inspire and embrace culture. I'm currently a student at Metro State University and working towards a degree in Individualized Studies with a focus on Creative Commerce. I have 25 years of experience in the corporate world in supply chain management and plan to incorporate art into my future life goals. I'm one of the 8 recipients of the 2021 Art Purchase Award at Metro State for a drawing submitted called "Young Anishanaabe Girl". One of my main influences and inspirations has been my sister Nehdahness Rose Greene of Greene Photography LLC.