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Jada Grantlin
Visual Artist

Artist Statement:  African community and culture are significant for me as an artist and a young black woman. I created this series to acknowledge representations of the cultural impact of the African Diaspora throughout the century. I find it important to educate the audience by visualizing the historical impact of our hair throughout this diaspora. As an African American, I may not know where my African traditions specifically stem from, so I use my art to feel closer to my unknown roots.  I strongly believe making art from the soul is the most significant thing an artist can have and share with the community.


Artist Bio:  I am a 21 year-old acrylic painter who is in love with creating - and who has been taking on local commissions for portraits of family members, or of loved ones who are part of the progression and the promotion of my artwork. Painting has been my passion and primary mode of expression for about six years now. Some major influences that shape my work are societal issues, mental health, and my current experience as an African American woman. I have an Associate of Arts degree and with my talent in art, I strongly believe my purpose is to spread awareness and speak on these issues. I want younger children like me who have a passion for art to not be persuaded into giving up on their talent. I want to change that.

Jada Grantlin's work will be on display at Gentlemen Cuts:

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