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Graphic + Word Artist

Artist Statement: I am living proof of the oral tradition and the resilience across generations given I am a refraction of all my ancestors before me.  In this my poems came from dreams I've had and brought them back to reality by writing them down. It's surrealist abstract art. It's things that I've lived in and felt them in the bone marrow.  One cannot explain this in simple language one must have breathed their essence, so there is no similitude if one has not lived it.  These poems were created as a spark of ancestral memory and reminiscence of a time and place that no longer exists, thus what you see in the transparencies it's a reflection of what you can discern.

Artist Bio:  Born in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico, where he spent his childhood in the small rural pueblo of Tarimoró and where from he immigrated in 1988. His inspirations include Netzahualcoyotl, Humberto Ak’abal, Ray A. Young Bear, James Welch and Juan Rulfo. Published in various journals/sites in the UK, US, Spain, India, Australia, Argentina, Germany and Venezuela. Pushcart Prize nominee in 2015; awarded Tercer Premio from El Centro Canario Estudios Caribeños – El Atlántico – en el Certamen Internacional de Poesía “La calle que tú me das” 2016; New Rivers Press Many Voices Project Finalist 2018, 2020 Jack Straw Writers Fellow.  Exhibitions in the US, Italy and South Africa.

Jose Trejo-Maya's prints will be on display at the Old Swedish Bank Building:

To learn more about Jose Trejo-Maya's work, go to:

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