Juan Parker
Murals on Boards

Artist Statement:  Everyone needs to know where they came from. It has always been assumed because of my brown skin that I am African American and nothing else. My grandmother was a hundred percent Native American, and I have known most of my life l was part Cherokee with ties to the Wyandot and Apache Nations This mural allows me to celebrate the meaning of my Native American heritage and how these Nations have shown a great consideration for our planet, its animals and its nature. I have chosen to portray a group portrait of members of the these three tribes in ceremonial dress set in the natural environment. I want to show how these groups decorate themselves with symbols of spiritual power through a common tradition of ornamentation. I hope that viewers of these panels can learn more about what is unique to each tribe while also seeing it is what they share that is important. I hope that the viewers of these paintings can also see that it is what we can all learn from each other that is important.

Artist Bio:   My appreciation and interest in art came at the age of five when I begin to use crayons, pencils and finger paints. Since earning an Associate degree in Commercial Art, I have done commissions, painted murals, participated in exhibitions, and illustrated several children's books. Art has gotten me through being bullied as a child, the difficult teenage years, and as an adult, congestive heart failure and cancer. On Christmas day, December 2015, I received the great gift of a heart transplant. With this second chance, I want my art to inspire, and to make a difference in this world.

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