Kales Jones

Artist Statement: This piece is a symbolic message, a cry for peace and healing. This peace shows the fear and strength within our indigenous ancestors and I know as I use my privilege to heal and embrace their energy Im strengthening our line of energetic healing which I can only hope is reflected, to the land to each other. I hope that this peace will educate and offer perspective, so that we may fully understand what’s necessary to reclaim our love and power to heal, may it be a conversation starter, may it prove a loud point, may it encourage reparations and mutual healing through thought and a more educated awareness.


Artist Bio: My Name is Kales.  I am a first-gen American artist. I come from a family of refugees.  I am the first to live on native land, privileged with opportunities my family only ever dreamed of when living in Iran. Such a beautiful place that I hold so near to my heart, even though I’ve never been there I embody the energy of my Persian ancestors by expressing my creative energy & living aligned with my higher purpose. Which I fully believe is to heal, to unlearn to re-learn and to spread awareness and help awaken the collective consciousness with my voice, which is my art.  I hope to spread love & healing.

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