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Visual Storyteller

Artist Statement:  As an interdisciplinary immigrant artist, currently I am working on oil painting to explore some new self-recognition that it gradually builds by fusion of multiple cultures. And from this point, my art concept is expanded to the interweaving and allegory of the individual, the nature environment and community activities. 

Artist Bio:  Kang Xu is a visual storyteller. She began her career in China and later came to the United States to study at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), where she received her MFA degree. Her works were exhibited in China, Britain, and America. She was invited by the University of Central Arkansas to lecture about visual storytelling. One of her comic books, International Club, was selected in the MCAD library collections, which actively promotes international cultural integration. Kang’s interests include studying philosophy, religion, and cultural differences, often reflected in her creations. She had focused on interdisciplinary projects, including the MCBA/Jerome Foundation Book Arts Fellowship XIV. Recently, Kang has been working on oil paintings that narrate stories.

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