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Visual Artist

Artist Statement: The subject matter of my work, Rebirth of the Lotus Flower, is the national flower of Vietnam; the lotus. I was inspired to draw it in the style of an art form I love very much; tattooing, because although tattooing has no actual traceable origin, it does have a longstanding history in Southeast Asian culture. The lotus traditionally symbolizes strength, rebirth, as well as resilience, with its ability to continuously emerge from muddy waters; clean and pure. Tattooing as well, is a very resilient art form, possibly dating back as far as 3100 BC. With each passing generation, this art form evolves and reemerges as a form of beauty, creativity, and body positivity. It is my hope that the viewer of this piece will walk away feeling these same optimistic emotions and many more.

Artist Bio:  I have been a professional artist for over 20 years. My first major influence was my dad, the most talented artist I ever knew, and who I could watch create for hours as a child. I took art classes at Green River College, in Auburn, WA, where I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in 2004, however the majority of my craft has been self-taught. In October 2008 and April 2009, I had two gallery showings of paintings and photography held at Collaborative Arts Project 21 in Manhattan, NYC. My artwork is held in the private art collections of people all throughout the world, having made it to more states and countries than I myself have. I am always looking for new ways to evolve my craft, learn new mediums, and generally expand myself as an artist.

Keru Barker Miller's work will be on display at St. Paul Floral:

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