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Artist Statement:  The subject matter of my pieces is humanity. As a photographer I am drawn to the diversity of emotions a person is capable of evoking with their body language or with just a glance. I am inspired by the range and degree of feeling that can be communicated in a single frame. Uncovering relationships between people and their environments keeps me curious and eager to participate and engage with the larger world around me. The piece I am submitting for the theme of 'Resilient Generations' shows a scene from a Reproductive Rights/Abortion Rights/overturning of Roe v Wade protest (Thursday, June 30th, 2022). Protest being an essential element of every successful movement for social and political change. We need only reflect on the civil rights movement and the vast transformation it has affected in our own lifetimes. It is the essential practice of freedom, dignity and resilience. This is the age of resilience with current generation actively working to uplift the unheard. Resilience is demonstrated in my photographic submission as it shows people maintaining an autonomous sense of identity, cultivating conscientious social awareness, and living in line with a sense of purpose. My hope is that through my photographs the viewer will experience our world with a new expansive and compelling perspective.

Artist Bio:  I have always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. I earned a Bachelor of Arts from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2008 and have been exploring visual arts through different materials and mediums through the years. Major influence that shapes my work is humanist street photography. Especially women photographers such as Dorothy Bohm, Dorothea Lange and Edith Tudor-Hart who were committed to document social and political issues and everyday life of people.  --- I have not yet exhibited my work publicly.

Laura Serdiuk's work will be on display at East Side Freedom Library:

To learn more about Laura Serdiuk's work, go to:

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