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Visual Artist

Artist Statement: The intention of this poster is to talk about the migratory journey from the south to the north that the Latinos do. Representing the migrants such as the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, one of the few hummingbirds that flies from Central America, passes through Minnesota and reaches its final destination in Canada. In the poster this hummingbird flies between two flowers: The Zinnias represent the south and the Echinaceas the north. This idea is accompanied by a phrase in English and Spanish, to complement the idea of migration and the unity that we must maintain among Latinos to achieve a prosperous future: "We belong to the world. We came here to build a new and worthy future. We won't give up. In community we will grow until we flourish." Migrating is a difficult choice and many times it comes when you least expect it, not only family and friends remain, but also traditions and stories, sometimes the memories are hazy and others are so clear and real that they often hurt. Migrating carries with it a difficult process of resilience, your body feels part of two places at the same time, until it reaches the point where you no longer know where you belong. Something that helps a lot to face the day to day in a new territory is to approach other migrants who speak the same language or who are from the same country or territory; celebrate traditions and festivities together, share stories and typical foods; These are things that allow us to adapt to new changes and are part of a necessary resilience process for any migrant. This poster is intended to be understood primarily in Spanish, which is important to me because many Latinos do not speak English, but in this piece they can be directly involved and understand the message: to strengthen unity in the Latino community to live better.

Artist Bio:  Lynda Acosta is a visual artist from Colombia, she was one of the cartoonists of two graphic novels that won creation grants: Cielo Rojo (2017) and Ciudad Perdida (2019) with L.E.C.H.E. Collective. Her graduation project Aguablanca, un Barrio de Historias (2019), obtained a laureate mention and with which she obtained her B.A in art (2020). Her first collective international exhibition was at the MCAD Art Sale, Migani Mirror (2019) for a graphic representation of the graphic novel Dos Aldos, from Cohete comics. She was part of the collective exhibition The Land Within Us (2022) at Fresh Eye Gallery. Lynda has been interested in interventions in public space, such as her participation in the first Day of the Dead Parade on Lake Street, exhibiting her Linocuts We Belong to the World and Lake Street Is... (2021), in local Latino businesses; and recently in her collaboration in the mural "Los Ancestros" (2022) managed by Copla Murals, a group of which she is currently a member.

Lynda Acosta's piece will be on display at St. Paul Floral:

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