Clear Water Lake

Josiah McClelland +
Tamara Brantmeier

Motion Picture Short

Artist Statement: Daylight is a time-based collage of images that seeks to capture the imagination of the viewer. We aim to elicit memory and the senses, ultimately directing viewers to the vision to daylight Lower Phalen Creek. Using imagery and audio captured at Lake Phalen and Swede Hollow Park, we want to create a sense of past/present/future that captures the attention and imagination of viewers, inviting curiosity, engagement, and action.


We explore how time-based media might reframe the story of colonization and restoration of the East Side River District through the use of present-day imagery. Using straightforward video snapshots of ordinary / extraordinary beauty, we re-assemble the natural beauty of this Dakota land, using sound/audio as an essential story telling device to round out the visual experience.


This collaborative work began with the intention of bringing attention to the fact that our neighborhood has a buried waterway – Lower Phalen Creek – and that our native leaders look to the community to understand, value, and support the work of the Lower Phalen Creek Organization, a Native-Led, environmental conservation nonprofit.


As a brand-new resident on the East Side of Saint Paul, it is important to actively demonstrate care and respect for this landscape, her ecosystems, her people, and the bodies of water and buried waterway surrounding our new home. I acknowledge I live on stolen, colonized Dakota land, and my son and I are committed to building relationships and finding ways to support and manifest the Lower Phalen Creek Daylight Project.


Artist Bio - Josiah McClellaD:  Currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Josiah McClelland is studying Digital Cinema in the BFA in Entertainment Design program. His focus centers on continued experimentation with video, and exploring new artistic ways to communicate stories visually.


"For me art is expression. Expression of oneself and a reflection of the times and of the environment in which it is created. Reflecting more than the feelings of the artists, expanding to contain the context of current events and the unconscious mind among other things. I hope that my art is viewed in such various lenses, as it is a snapshot of its time."

Artist Bio - Tamara Brantmeier:  Tamara Brantmeier (she/her) is a painter, artist, mama, and professor. An avid gardener, mother, and new St. Paul East Side resident, she has taught painting and drawing for over 20 years and has a studio practice in the same media. Tamara is currently investigating video and audio as a medium.  


Tamara's paintings have centered on the intersection of motherhood, loss, otherness, hope and despair. She uses landscape as metaphor and the physicality of paint as heartstring.  Cultivated land, seasons, and weather - systems, cycles, and transformative qualities – have served as metaphorical themes and subject matter. More recently, as attention is pulled towards meditating on, and actions surrounding, environmental justice, repairing our soil/water, moving towards reparations/healing, she has shifted focused towards capturing, and honoring, nature's sublime, simple, and tremendous gifts.

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