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Visual Artist

Artist Statement:  “Kuv Niam (My Mom)” is inspired by my mom’s journey up to this moment when my mom went to Thailand a few years ago. Her “xibfwb” or mentor (at the time) initiated a spiritual and physical transformation through shaving her head. “Tus Yeeb Ntsuab (The One Against You)” is meant to depict the inner battle most of us face, however small or big that battle may be, and the spiritual side to it through self-reflection and the Hmong instrument called “qeej.” These pieces explore key parts of cultural traditions, religion and spirituality, (challenging) societal norms and roles, and also topics that aren’t commonly addressed within our communities, like depression and mental health. With the rise of Asian hate, the pandemic, and generational trauma that has come upon many people, I hope that these pieces will not only spark pride, compassion and also a sense of relatability within at least one viewer, but to also inspire them to look within. I want us to see that we are here to be enlightened and help each other along our journeys through thick and thin, despite the challenges we face. 

Artist Bio:  Mia Vue Jennings is an eighteen-year-old Hmong-American artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She has been creating art for as long as she can remember.  Her Hmong identity has been a huge inspiration and motivation for most of her work.  She’s worked with many different mediums, but her current focus is mainly digital art, paintings, murals and street art. Some of her most recent projects include illustrating children’s stories from around the world for Minnesota Public Radio and creating a large chalk piece in the Downtown Minneapolis Street Art Festival.  Something that Jennings always strives for in creating art is bringing joy and encouragement to others, because she believes art always has the power to do good.

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