Michele Alvarez

Artist Statement:  Artist using all media as the subject dictates. Searching for light in the dark and life in the stars. I put my heart and soul into each painting I create. I hope you find meaning in the images I create. Only then will I be sure I have emotionally connected with the viewer. The art I have been creating recently is from visions and words from the Creator. They are of the stars and galaxies that I have yearned for since childhood.


Artist Bio:  I have been drawing and painting since childhood. Art has always been my passion but was put on hold after having my children and working in Sourcing and Contract Management for various local corporations. In 2007 I completed my BA in Studio Arts from Augsburg University. Their Weekend College allowed me to finish this milestone while still working. I have participated in St. Paul’s Art Crawl for several years and, very recently, I have exhibited work at the ArtBOX show in Zurich, Switzerland (August 2021).

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