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Filmmaker, Photographer and Poet

Artist Statement:  I was commissioned by the Hmong American Farmers Association to photograph the creation of their farm. The work evolved into a series titled 'We Come from the Flower.'  An exhibition organized by the Minnesota Museum of American Art travelled the state.  The video We Go to the Garden played on public television.  Farming is a dance of resilience.  I invite viewers to gain a new respect for the labor of love that grows our food.

Artist Bio:  Mike Hazard is a filmmaker, photographer, and poet.  Nine of his films have been broadcast nationally on public media; 228 play on social media.  His art is in many museums, including MOMA (NY).  A collection of Hazard’s poems about people, “This World Is Not Altogether Bad,” is published by Red Dragonfly Press.  Hazard likes to say, “Everything I make is a love story.”

Mike Hazard will also have copies of his book, "Zoo Nkauj/Beautiful" on display and for sale ($25.-_

Hazard_Book_Zoo Nkauj_Beautiful.jpg
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"Set in the circle of the seasons, this piece is a portrait of a farm farmed by Hmong American farmers. Immersion in the imagery and music embodies the experience of a farmer in the field."

Mike Hazard's exhibit will furthermore feature his video

We Go to the Garden

Mike Hazard's work will be on display at:

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