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Artist Statement:  A photo series called Voyage - a journey to finding self-acceptance and embracing yourself. This photo series is inspired by my love for fashion, beauty, and being Hmong. The concept of blending and layering Hmong clothes with western clothing tells a story of a Hmong woman finding her way through the western world while embracing her roots. I hope viewers will be intrigued and ask questions about Hmong people, find the love in our fashion, and for other Hmong people to be proud to be Hmong/of the Hmong people.

Artist Bio:  I am a fashion, beauty, lifestyle photographer and multi-medium artist from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I draw inspiration from the sheer beauty of nature and flowers. As a Hmong refugee, I embrace my heritage and culture through my work in exhibitions like ACE (Asian Creatives & Entrepreneur) popup event in New York.

Milly Lee's work will be on display at ArT @ 967 Payne:

To learn more about Milly Lee's work, go to:

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