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Artist Statement:  Resilience - the ability to overcome oppression in and around our reservations watching our youth overcome obstacles that was created to see them fail but yet we are thriving. My work resonates with the theme Resilient Generations because our 7th generation is our future generation, I want people to understand they tried to massacre an entire nation and yet we are still here. I hope my viewers see how important our next generations are, seeing our youth today thrive inspires our first nations people for a successful journey.

Artist Bio:  Ne-Dah-Ness Rose Greene is an enrolled member from the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe in Northern MN and owner of Greene LLC.  Ne-Dah-Ness is a self taught, BIPOC Women photographer and has been taking photographs in her community for 5 years. She continually challenges herself to reach further in refining her skills and diversifying her approach to this multi-faceted art media.  Ne-Dah-Ness is a social activist through art and is well known in the Indigenous world and beyond. She has been publicized in numerous publications such as People Magazine. She is invited by many gallery exhibits and is the most sought out photographer in her state. Her perspective as well as the camera and various lenses are essential to producing her art. A sense of intimacy in her imagery prompts a visceral reaction from her viewers, evoking emotions and understanding through the moments and movement she captures.

Nedahness Greene's work will be on display at S. O. L. I. D.:

To learn more about Nedahness's work, go to:

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