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Artist Statement:  The main paradigm in my photographic art revolves around the concept of depth - seeking some level of meaning within the photo and thus attempting to elicit a viewer's reaction through deliberate imagery.  My hope is that the viewer comes away with some feeling, idea, and/or perspective from seeing my photos.  The techniques I use in creating photographic images are not something specific. I just try to work diligently in creating something in particular.  Something that I had envisioned previously in my mind's eye.  Ultimately, these pieces resonate with the theme of RESILIENT GENERATIONS because they visualize various individuals' struggles in their daily lives.

Artist Bio:  I was born in San Francisco, California.  As a young person, I learned how important art was in my life.  I was sickly throughout much of my childhood. Thus, I had to learn to use his imagination, and it fueled my creativity in art.  Currently, I am experimenting with numerous photographic theories and techniques in an attempt to express ideas in a meaningful visual way.

Norman Aragones'  work will be on display at ArT @ 967 Payne:

To learn more about Norman's work, go to:

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