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Artist Statement:   I left my hometown - Kyiv - at 17, finding my new home in San Francisco Bay area at 34. Feb 24th, 2022, changed everything. Never in my life, including pandemic years, did I feel so cut off from my roots. Supervising a group of Kyiv photographers, I saw firsthand dozens of lives interrupted by the war. I coordinated my brother's family evacuation and followed events in the capital through my parents. I never felt so hopeless, full of despair, and isolated in my comfortable, hard-earned, SF Bay Area reality. My work is a reflection and a document of these feelings.

Artist Bio:   I am a Ukrainian-American photographer. My work is shaped by my life, my travels, a mood disorder, and experiences of finding and then losing people who are very special to me. A self-taught artist, my technique is influenced by artists Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, and Sarah Moon. National exhibitions include, Viridian Artists Presents: the 31st International Juried Exhibition, NYC, the Affordable Art Fair, NYC with See Me Liquid Art House, Ovation Showcase by RAW Artists, NYC, the Palo Alto Art Center, and the Yellowstone Art Museum. International exhibitions include Black Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece and Deep Water at Le Copernic, Switzerland. I am currently a member of Gallery House, Palo Alto, CA.

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