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Artist Statement:  Old Lviv is an incredibly beautiful city located in west Ukraine. If you haven't been to Lviv you haven't been to Ukraine. Lviv inspires, encourages, gives strength to those that visit. Lviv is also called the capital of Western Ukraine.  A city that raised many Ukrainian patriots, brave fighters, and defenders of the homeland. It is exactly that resilient generation that will not falter, will not lay down arms, and will not retreat in battle.  I hope that by looking at this painting, the viewer will be able to feel all the beauty and special spirit of this city.  Memories of this wonderful city and the events in Ukraine during the last few months inspired me to create this picture

Artist Bio:  Graduate Kolomyia Pedagogical College with a bachelor degree in Teaching of Fine and Decorative Art. Graduate Vasiyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National Univercity and got Master's degree in Fine And Decorative Art. The major influence that shape my work was travelling to a lot of different countries , compare and analyze folklore and culture of different nationalities. I took part in the Nicolet Arts & Enrichment gallery exhibition Wi. Multiple exhibitions in Ukraine.

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