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Paper Cuts

Artist Statement

From a very early age, Karen Aldrich has been moved to create, through whatever expressive medium was within her reach. Inspired by the masters, and focused via her ongoing relationships with institutions of artistic preservation, it has always been clear that artistic immersion was the order of the day, and no obstacle was too great to prevent that relationship from flourishing. Those passions have taken root in many forms and been externalized via such mediums as jewelry making, oil painting, poetry, and most recently the art of kirigami (paper cutting).

Striving for realism and authenticity, Karen’s primary focus is finding meaning and connection, first with the subject matter, then with the work itself, but finally, with the public. For it is only when art helps inform the public discourse that the seeds of connection are planted and the circle of creativity remains unbroken.

Having recently relocated back to the Twin Cities following a life changing agrarian sojourn, Karen is excited to connect with the local arts community, while continuing to challenge herself to dream bigger, reach further, and cut…straighter.

Karen can be reached for commissions at: or @Kaldrichmn on Instagram

Artist Bio

I have had pieces displayed in Chicago, Minneapolis and Saint Paul. My influences have been both famous artists like Georgia, O’Keeffe, and not so famous artists that have entered my life and added an artistic light.

965 Payne | Old Swedish Bank

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