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AMBERS, Kprecia

Illustrations | Digital Art

Artist Statement

My art celebrates Iconic African American artists and revolutionary songs. Music is a deep-rooted seed of expression that my ancestors have used as an element to find calmness, release pain, worship, strengthen, uplift, and bring truth to injustices we face. It's an element of communication that weaves our communities together no matter the environment or location. Personally, to me my pieces signify the power of the tongue as an instrument that has the ability to cultivate a community, educate, empower, and bring people together no matter who they are. These iconic singers are examples of people who took their challenges and experiences and turned it into beauty. This reminds me of my community. Although we have to face hatred and oppression, we continue to make beauty where struggle is meant to overshadow our talents and gifts. When people view my work, I want them to be feel the energy of each piece. I want them to find connection through the emotion and evoke feelings of joy, hope, and confidence.

Artist Bio

I am an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota and digital illustrator with a background in graphic design. My work reflects my love for celebrating Black culture, history, language, and photography. As a digital artist my goal is to see my art applied and printed in various ways around the world. I have had the honor of creating art for publications, ad campaigns, home décor products, and have been featured in traveling gallery shows around Minnesota.

913B Payne | Gentlemen Cuts
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