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BATES, Frances

Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I couldn’t pick just one type of art to show because I love expressing my creativity in various ways. The ones I chose for this are about how unique people can be. We all have a story to tell, including my art. I’m showing some sculptures, a drawing, jewelry, and a photo. Some of them are interactive to give the viewer both a visual and tactile experience. These pieces are a small selection from the wide variety that I’ve created. I often make art related to my identity as a lesbian with autism. We may be connected to different communities, but all of those groups form one web - humanity. My hope is that viewers will gain a better understanding of just how diverse both the artist and the art itself can be. Learning to support one another instead of bringing each other down would help everyone.

Artist Bio

Growing up, my dream was to be an inventor that made the world a better place. As a kid I started making found object art and continue doing this today. My enthusiasm for both art and engineering led me to get a BFA in Industrial Design from UW-Stout. I’m also part of a nonprofit called Art to Change the World. I now have experience in a variety of art forms including product design, graphic design, sculpture, jewelry, sewing, photography, and woodworking. I’m inspired by the world around me, both the people and places. I have a particular passion for issues of diversity, the world of dancing, and camping gadgetry. While in college I displayed work in Gallery 209, the Union Art Gallery, and Applied Arts 121. I’ve been in exhibitions at Homewood Studios and the Grand Hand Gallery. Through Art to Change the World I’ve had my art in the Fox Den Gallery at the Solar Arts Building many times.

965 Payne | Old Swedish Bank
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