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Artist Statement

My artworks in this exhibition are forms of channeling connections in shaping a perception and experience of history, culture, tradition, and an evolving form.

These paintings are like wandering through an art gallery per my observations, perceptions, and imaginations of our communities. My collective representations of diversity in race, ethnicity, tradition, culture, and economic equality are intended to connect to viewers and their own experiences.

My expressions through these visual arts are like a welcoming experience and joining a quick tour to learn something new about the place or reinforces the continued changes and acceptance as our communities and neighborhood evolve.

I like the viewer to understand my messages and meaningfulness in my art through enjoyment, learning, acceptance of the subjects, sustaining, and enrichment of their lives.

Artist Bio

Cesar Ceballos, a respected architect, artist, and world traveler uses colors to express the geometry of nature; light to enhance the volume and drama in a painting. Culture, tradition, and history play important influences in his artworks.

In 2021 and 2022, Cesar’s works were awarded first prize and Special Merit for his paintings at Apollo Dionysian with the International Academy of Signification Poetry and Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy.

He is a recipient of 3 United States Congressional Recognitions from Congresswoman Dina Titus, Congresswoman Susie Lee, and Congressman Steven Horsford.

Layering and overlapping the colors is part of his method. He uses disregarded products from food and construction in his process.

His artistic roots grew out of his origin in the Philippines. He earned his masters’ degrees in architecture and management in the USA and passed the exams to be a licensed Architect. His paintings were exhibited and published world-wide, in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

879 Payne | East Side Thai Restaurant

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